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Digital Assistance for the Expansion of Lean Manufacturing : 3 Interesting Examples

Translated by Jessica Dolan

Smart factory

Lean manufacturing is a holistic approach to production that, when properly applied and lived, leads to operational excellence. Digital technologies extend this holistic approach and offer new tools for lean manufacturing. True to the motto "In god we trust; everyone else brings data", digital technologies create insights and promote transparency, in order to optimise production in terms of the continuous improvement process (CIP).

If you want to delve deeper into the subject of lean and digitisation, you should definitely read the guide "Industrie 4.0 meets Lean" published by the VDMA in cooperation with the PTW.

Thanks to our AI-based technology monitoring at ROKIN, I keep coming across new technologies for lean manufacturing. I would like to briefly introduce three interesting examples here.

TechBite#1: Process mining for transparent processes

Do processes in the production hall really function as planned on paper? This is often not so easy to find out. The Celonis Intelligent Business Cloud enables the visualisation of the discrepancy between theory and application by means of process mining and the analysis of ERP data. The tool also provides points of attack for optimisation.

TechBite#2: Analysis of work processes using digital technologies

How can you make data that is currently not digitally documented, such as everyday work processes, visible? MotionMining offers sensor technologies that allow exactly this analysis and documentation without time-consuming manual measuring with stopwatch and process board.

TechBite#3: Digitalised shop floor management

In order for data and the knowledge gained from it to lead to improvements, it must be visualised, discussed, changes derived and implemented. Furthermore, these implementations of changes must be measured. This is a case for shop floor management. The Digital Teamboard from SFM Systems ensures that there is no media disruption and that the data collected is visualised and further documented.

Excited about these and other technologies and seeking inspiration for innovation in your own company? Our AI algorithms continuously search the rising flood of information for the latest technologies - especially for the needs of industry. In our TechSheets you will not only find technology examples on a specific topic in the context of Industry 4.0, but also manufacturer information, studies and much more.


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