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Does the Future of Product Development Lie in the Cloud and Browser?

Translated by Jessica Dolan


What does the future of product development in engineering look like? We experience it in our everyday life when listening to music, watching movies or editing pictures: Slowly but surely, the necessary programs and files are disappearing from our hard disks and migrating into the cloud where we access them via web browsers. B2B software in product development is also following this trend more and more.

Usage of the cloud and browser offers many interesting new application possibilities, such as the use of shared content from other users for your own projects or the ability to access software at any time from any place and on any device via a simple browser. This provides great added value, particularly in times of mobile work.

Thanks to our AI-based technology monitoring at ROKIN, I keep coming across innovative software concepts for future product development. Here are three interesting technologies that demonstrate the trend towards the cloud and into the browser.

TechBite #1: Democratisation of simulation through the cloud and browser

Simulation is an important component of the modern product development process. However, SMEs often do not make use of it due to a lack of licences, insufficient know-how and corresponding entry barriers. SimScale is driving the democratisation of simulation software to remove the entry barriers. They offer software for CFD, FEA and thermal simulation via cloud and browser as well as the exchange with like-minded people in a community.

TechBite2: Democratisation of construction through the cloud and browser

Product development completely in the browser: OnShape is dedicated to democratizing CAD software so that it is available to everyone and from any device, at a standard that designers are used to in their usual development environment.

TechBite3: Democratisation of PLM through the cloud and browser

PLM software has become an important component in linking the various departments involved in product development. OpenBOM is dedicated to the democratisation of collaboration in the product development process, with the ultimate goal that all important stakeholders in the product development process are involved and heard via cloud and browser.

Excited about these and other technologies and seeking inspiration for innovation in your own company? Our AI algorithms continuously search the rising flood of information for the latest technologies - especially for the needs of industry. In our TechSheets you will not only find technology examples on a specific topic in the context of Industry 4.0, but also manufacturer information, studies and much more.


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