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Rapid Prototyping in Production Thanks to Low-Code Technology: 3 Technologies and Use Cases

Translated by Jessica Dolan

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Software development projects in production are often complex due to many systems, interfaces and protocols. In addition, those responsible for production lack programming knowledge while the software developers involved do not have the domain knowledge of production. One result is that even small projects can be very time-intensive due to extensive arrangements, training and correction loops.

This is exactly where low-code platforms help. True to the motto "Fail fast - learn fast", they are aimed at the rapid development and testing of software applications in production. Thanks to a graphical user interface and simple block diagrams, this can be done without trained software developers. Thus, rapid prototyping is also possible for software products in production.

Due to our AI-based technology monitoring at ROKIN, I constantly come across low-code platforms. In this article, I will briefly introduce three interesting platforms and two use cases in production.

1. “Look and feel” of low-code platforms

How exactly do low-code platforms work? This example video from Mendix offers a good insight into what low-code platforms look like and how they can be used to develop an application.

2. Low code for assembly workstations

Even complex projects can be implemented with low code. Proof of this is provided by the first use case in spindle assembly at DMG's Pfronten site. Here the low-code platform Tulip was used to set up an employee assistance system. This system provides information on their assemblies via employees in the assembly department.

3. Low code for production logistics

End devices such as Smart Glasses can also be connected via a low-code platform. The second use case of the low-code platform Simplifiere is logistics processes at the company Bechtle. The AR application enables the logistics employee to work through his tasks more efficiently, as information is projected directly into his field of vision.

Excited about these and other technologies and seeking inspiration for innovation in your own company? Our AI algorithms continuously search the rising flood of information for the latest technologies - especially for the needs of industry. In our TechSheets you will not only find technology examples on a specific topic in the context of Industry 4.0, but also manufacturer information, studies and much more.


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