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Receive suitable technology suggestions
for your problem

You are an engineer in the development or production environment and have a technical problem for which you are looking for a suitable solution?

We research for you with the help of AI methods for suitable solutions for your individual problem 

We provide you with all essential information, make you capable of making decisions and accelerate your innovation process

We give you the overview for the optimal solution

One success factor for finding the optimal solution is to consider many different approaches at the beginning. Depending on - the better the input, the better the output



This is exactly what we make possible through our approach.




Using special search and analysis methods, we search large amounts of data from specialist sources on the Internet. 


Depending on your topic, different technologies are presented as solutions, which can be evaluated and selected via our web tool. Thus you have all essential information on one channel.


However, the decision and the knowledge build-up always remains in the hands of the engineers who are best acquainted with their environment and problem definition.

This enables an internal knowledge build-up on new technologies and innovations from the company to be promoted.


Three steps to the solution





You send us your topic via our form or define it together with us in an initial telephone conversation.


You will get access to the ROKIN Web-Tool, with appropriate technology suggestions for your topic


You can evaluate and select the technologies via the web tool. In this way, you can quickly find the right solution.

Your benefits

Obtaining information via a classic keyword search using search engines does not provide the complexity for a technical problem solution. The consequences are insufficient search results and a high expenditure of time.

ROKIN offers a completely new way of finding new technologies for your problems using the latest AI algorithms and DeepWeb data search.

Optimal solution

Large variety of solution alternatives for the optimal solution.

Time savings

40-70% time savings in the search for suitable solutions.

Knowledge advantage

Discover technologies that are hard to find.


All relevant information on technologies clearly prepared.

Accelerated solution process

The online tool allows technologies to be evaluated and selected quickly and easily.

Your Problem statement

Send us your topic via the form. We will be happy to record this personally. After receiving your request we will be pleased to make you an offer.

Contact person

Thomas Kinkeldei


Tel.: +49 89 21536319